Yandy Smith New Children’s Book, The Truth About Blended Families…For Kids


Yandy Smith, entrepreneur, media mogul and star of  Love and Hip Hop New York is one of the most sought after entertainment powerhouses in the industry today. Equipped with over a decade of industry experience, this boss mom is not only well respected and beloved amongst peers, but serves as an inspiration and living proof of attainable success for many.

She just recently released her new book entitled ” My Blended Family”.  As we all know, being a mom isn’t easy. Yandy has suffered depression and anxiety, which impacted her mental health. Being a CEO Mom and living your life in front of millions of viewers and social media followers each day and week, there were times that she didn’t feel good enough.  However, she had to be strong for her family, children and employees. 

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The perfect idea of a family for most people have derived from famous t.v. shows such as the Brady Bunch or the Cosby Show.  Through personal experiences, Yandy understood the fact that in 2017, traditional family dynamics have drastically changed.  Many women in relationships are finding themselves raising children they did not physically give birth to or in the middle of  strenuous co-parenting situations which can occasionally create communication challenges in the home. 

 In blended families, we may sometimes find ourselves having difficult or awkward conversations with our children. For Love and Hip Hop star Yandy Smith, that challenge came when it was time to sit down with her three-year-old son and explain that his siblings may not be present at his birthday party. She found herself avoiding the conversation until it couldn’t be avoided any longer. So, she reached out to her network of mentors, family and friends for ideas on how to have this difficult conversation. Out of those talks they created the concept for her new book, My Blended Family. This exquisitely illustrated story is intended to be a tool for parents to use when explaining the concept of blended families and why all members of the family may not live or be together at all times. It helped Yandy get through a hard conversation and we hope it’s helpful to the many families out there living a blended life.


We are grateful Yandy took the step to create this illustrated book to help parents communicate their  blended family structure in a easy, fun and exciting way! To grab your copy of My Blended Family, click here.

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