Women Owning Excellence: Event Recap “Cover Talk” With Claire Sulmers

In collaboration with Lord & Taylor, on Saturday WOE Magazine hosted it’s 2nd stellar event of the year, “Cover Talk with Claire Sulmers” of Fashion Bomb Daily. An event filled with style tips, fashion, network, empowerment, and a celebration for Ms. Sulmers who graced the spring/summer 17’ cover.

Claire’s very 1st COVER story!

 WOE 3rd issue cover

The issue titled, ‘Beauty, Brains, Business’ shows another side of the fashionista and media mogul, who’s currently on a “Cocktails w/ Claire” tour alongside Ty Hunter. Claire discusses “life before fashion,” “being a Harvard grad,” and being told that she was a NOBODY to her face. All before taking a leap of faith by creating her own platform and soaring!

In the issue Claire states:

“I think it’s important for us to create our own platforms because media platforms were not built with us in mind. Even though it’s not the best business practice, and even though the business could markedly expand if they attended to a broader demographic, we need to be reminded that it wasn’t made for us. At the end of the day, you can continue to try to break down that door or you can make the decision to start your own thing. This ‘new-thing’ would be tailor made for you—- and a space where people appreciate what you do.”

Saturday’s cover talk was clearly an event where people appreciated one another, and was proud of their personal achievements. Everyone OWNED their excellence thanks to Ayo Thomas, Founder/EIC, Claire Sulmers and Tamiko White, Style Expert.


All Image Credits: Catherine Rae Photography

Sponsored by, ‘Shoe Crazy Wine,’ ‘Basket Treats,’ ‘Chef Christine Hazel,’ and celebrity hairstylist ‘Charlene Brown;’ many flooded Lord & Taylor for not only a chance to connect with these WOE women, but also to check out the latest summer fashion trends  available in all Lord & Taylor locations.


Shoe Crazy Wine


Basket Treats


Chef Christine Hazel



Charlene Brown: Celebrity Hair Stylist

Tamiko White and Harley Morgan of “Roe The Agency” gathered a slew of phenomenal models who worked the runway and showed us that true ‘fashion’ isn’t about what you wear, but HOW you wear it!


Harley Morgan and Claire Sulmers


Tamiko White moderating a very tasteful spring fashion show full of current trends.WOECover3-158



Following the fashion show attendees prepared themselves for the ‘cover talk’ where Claire, Ayo, and Tamiko not only spoke about owning your excellence, but also placed emphasis on the beauty of being IMPERFECTLY perfect! WOE Magazine doesn’t aim to only highlight one’s achievements, but their RISE as well.


You could hear the ‘ah’s’ and ‘whoas’ during the entire conversation. Most engaged and open-minded about the information being revealed, while also eager to rush over to Claire’s table and purchase her book, “The Bomb Life.” But not before the giveaways! WOE gave away 2 tickets to “Ubiquitous Expo,” [3] perfume boxes courtesy of Lord & Taylor, and a WOE woman t-shirt.



Grab your copy of ” The Bomb Life”

Claire signing books for attendees.

A portion of WOE Magazine’s event proceeds were donated to We CAN-CER Vive to support cancer patients and their families.


Ayo Thomas and Mia Wright, Founder of We CAN-CER vive!


WOE Magazine presents “Cover Talk With Claire Sulmers” was ultimately yet another successful event by the rapidly growing publication.


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