When The Dream Begins To Shift

Dream Big!!

“Dream Big”
“Don’t Let Your Dream Die”
“Live Your Dreams”

All of these quotes and encouraging words are meant to push us to pursue our goals and dreams and in some instances, dream bigger. Sometimes in pursuit of the dream, the passion and drive begin to waiver. This doesn’t mean it dies, but you discover there’s a little more to it than you may have originally thought. Although there’s a pursuit of that one thing, exposure will teach you that you may have limited yourself.

After making this discovery, the question then becomes, “Am I willing to do what I have never done [and perhaps what others aren’t able to see], so that I may maximize my potential and my dream?”

It’s not that what you are doing isn’t enough, it’s just what you need to do has shifted.

The comfortable place you’ve been, in and even the things you thought you knew, will be challenged. No longer is it okay to work like a horse or keep going until you pass out, no, this shift may require you to rest and unplug. I have found in my journey to my dream that I have believed a lot of hype. I fell for the okie-doke of believing that everything and everyone was just waiting on me and all I had to do was jump in the water. Well, that’s not quite the way my life has played out.

My journey still continues, but I will tell you that my shift has taught me five things:

S – Slow down: I don’t have to do it all today and some things don’t need an immediate answer.
When I feel overwhelmed, I take a nap.
H – Hear: I take time to hear what God is speaking to me, especially when I find myself at a
crossroads and my decision will either cause everything to go really well or not.
I – Include: I include my family and friends in what I am doing and allow them to speak life into
me and encourage me at my weakest moments (yes, I have moments of weakness).
F – Faith: I’m not sure there’s a way to do anything without having faith. When I don’t see how something is going to happen, my faith is what is needed to believe that it can, regardless of what my natural eye is beholding.
T – Time: I need time: time with God, time with me, time with my family and time with my friends. I never want to live in isolation.

I never want to be lonely, thinking I can take on the world alone. That’s not wisdom and it is definitely a formula for failure. Your dreams are a catalyst to your reality, but you must actively engage in creating and defining

The shift may not necessarily feel good, nor may it look good, but it is a portal in which
you must travel to land at your place of success.

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