Ramona Griggie: Mom Making Millions By Creating Excellent Smiles

Ramona Griggie  is truly “Owning Excellence” through her million dollar teeth whitening venture which is currently an Instagram Sensation! We had the pleasure to catch up with Ramona to chat about the launching of Express Smile Atlanta Teeth Whitening Kits and her journey to success.

WM: You are a successful and phenomenal entrepreneur. What event or inspiration led you to begin your entrepreneurial journey?

RG: I knew very early on that I wanted to be a successful businesswoman. I was a member of Future Business Leaders of America. I loved dressing up in my blue polyester suit on Fridays for our meetings. You couldn’t tell me a thing!! I was fly! Hot (island weather in long sleeves) but fly! I started my entrepreneurial journey selling popcorn. I would buy a box of popcorn and resell the packs to neighborhood kids. 

WMTell us a little bit about Express Smiles Atlanta and how you were able to build your business so successfully? 

RG: I owned and operated many successful businesses before Express Smile, so when I started this company I had a lot of knowledge and drive that I used to really get this one in front of the right people. Initially, social media played a huge part in building exposure for the brand but most importantly, we developed a system that truly works and is FDA approved and made in America. Those things are really important to the integrity of the brand.

WM:Having a healthy dental hygiene is really essential to our bodies health. How has ESA been able to contribute to health wellness and beauty confidence?

RG: Brighter Smiles that Start Conversations is our tag line because we understand how important a person’s teeth and smile are to their overall self-confidence. Have a nice smile leads to new relationships, self-esteem, better opportunities at work, etc.

WM: Not only are you an entrepreneur but you are also blessed to be able to share knowledge and spread inspiration to others. How is it being a motivational speaker and has it helped you strengthen your voice and build your confidence as an entrepreneur?

WM: Many may not know that Express Smiles Atlanta is not your only business, can you tell us a little bit about your other businesses?

RG: I co-own a carpet cleaning and restoration company with my husband Willie and we also own a restaurant in Atlanta, Hattie Marie’s Texas Style BBQ & Cajun Kitchen that will open in August ’17.

WMWhat was one of your most challenging set backs that you learned from and over came as an entrepreneur?

RG: I have had people in trusted positions try to take advantage of me and my company and that resulted in some costly learning experiences but I was able to overcome that and learn from those mistakes. Now I make sure to thoroughly vet any of the people who are a part of my team and also be more involved so people know that I am a hands on business owner.

WMYou are a full time entrepreneur and a full time wife and mother. How do you balance the time between family and having your own business?

RG: My family is first and I make sure that my husband and children always know that they are number one and I’ve been able to involve them a lot because entrepreneurship gives you that kind of flexibility but I am often busy with work but planning ahead and staying organized helps me not to let anything be neglected.

WMIs there any advice you can give to those women who have entrepreneurial dreams and don’t know where to start?

RG:  Yes, if you believe it, you can achieve it but you have to put in the work. Start small and reinvest in your business and watch it grow.

WM: What is next for Ramona Griggie?

RG: I plan to take the Express Smile Atlanta brand to the next level by entering into major retailers and becoming a household name.

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