Psyche Terry: Multi-Millionaire Changing the Face of Beauty

A mom and wife with a growing family of five, a marriage of over 13 years, and a multimillion dollar company, how in the world does she do it! Psyche Terry is the epitome of beauty that is not only skin deep but it is also reflected from her spirit. She is an entrepreneur,  leader, and philanthropist. Psyche, along with her husband Vantoba Terry, has taken the beauty industry by storm with their natural skin care company called  UI Global Brands LLC (Uplifting Innovations).  

As a kid I used to go door to door selling gift wrapping paper and holiday greeting cards in the summer to church members and neighbors friends. I decided well into my 13 year corporate career that I wanted to make a difference in America. I felt like for far too long I hadn’t taken charge of what my destiny would look like. I wanted to influence women to make better choices about their self care. I wanted women to realize they were and are born and created beautiful. I wanted to be an entrepreneur to make life happen for me and my family “, said Psyche.

UI Global Brands LLC was launched in 2009. The company was inspired by a collage of things, as Psyche describes it. “My husband and I entered a few business plan competitions and lost and I think that’s what made the difference. We wanted to win. We pushed and pushed to find something significant and different to sell. I was a board member of the Blind Center of Nevada and helping them to raise money by coming up with skin care products they could make and sell that women like me would like. I pitched the idea to a major retailer and they bit! The rest is history”. 

The company  was valued 4 years ago at $40 million dollars based on how quickly they were growing and disrupting the market place. Psyche and her husband have been working overtime to create a flawless line of body and hair care products for all skin and hair types. Their goal is to promote positive images that enhance self-love and confidence, which is an essential ingredient when talking about beauty. As we all know, society has made the standards of beauty quite judgmental, biased, and unrealistic. It is important that women of all shades feel satisfied with themselves and feel beautiful. 

Psyche says, “We are not going to set the world on fire by saying hey, don’t wear make up or not wash your face because it tarnishes your skin cells . But what we are going to do is elevate your thinking by introducing new cleaning concepts and ingredients that will help preserve your natural beauty. We live by natural ingredients that our great grandmothers used to cook and clean with . We say, Mother Nature was right and who are we to argue. So yes. Sometimes it costs a little more to get better Care but we disrupted the industry by offering the better care at extremely affordable prices. We wanted to help women feel healthy and be happy at the same time”. 

But the beauty business is not easy at all with it’s ever growing popularity and competition. Psyche says that she believes being genuine and kind made a way for her into the beauty business. Psyche says,  “We stay patient, we stay humble, we stay peaceful and we stay professionally on our grind. I think that is what did and continues to stand out about us. I know this is what helped me overcome all challenges that came my way financially or from buyers or competitors that tried to put stumbling blocks in our way”.

This beauty and brains has had nothing short of success and continues to inspire and give back. Not only is Psyche and her husband accomplished beauty trendsetters, but they are also philanthropist. They have a partnership with Water is Life, the Boys and Girls Club, and Western Michigan University. Psyche shares touching reasons for wanting to give back: “Listen, takes one to know one is my story. I’ve been a girl getting assistance and help all my life. My husband and I have been on both sides of the giving tree and it is important to us to keep the cycle of good deeds going. We are helping change lives by building a well in the Congo where our family ancestry is. Every time a person buys one of our product the equivalent of a gallon of water is donated to the Congo. We sit as members of the Boys and Girls Clubs because it’s the single organization that kept my husband off the streets of Toledo. It kept him from dealing drugs and going to jail. We give back several scholarships to Western Michigan University because that place was my hand up and way out of the neighbor”hood” that I’m from. Without that school I was destined to be my highschool boys-friends baby momma and probably a dope dealing single mom. So we give back to kids on their last leg, like we were. We want to see to it that our scholars graduate and grow up to be their own definition of successful”.

 Ms. Psyche shared some valuable tips for women who are looking to start their business but dont know how or where to start. “I like to tell women it’s not about how you start but how you end. Think about the end in mind. What legacy do you want to lead and leave? What do you want people to think and say about you? I say start there. Begin with updated principles based on these strategies and you are bound for success.”

So what is next for Psyche Terry? “I’m working on an opportunity that will allow me to inspire more people every day on bigger and better levels of life. I love Media and Television so look for me there!” You can also visit to order and check out more information on her beauty products. Please don’t forget to first invest, take care and love your whole self!

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Psyche Terry: Multi-Millionaire Changing the Face of Beauty

A mom and wife with a growing family of five, a marriage...
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