New Book Alert!! The Bomb Life by Claire Sulmers

Claire Sulmers is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of, one of the top 50 most influential style blogs in the world. With millions of followers on Instagram, tons of traffic, and loads of likes on Facebook, she has forged her own stylish path in the notoriously cut throat fashion industry. 

As a fashion influencer who built her brand from the ground up over a span of ten years, Claire clearly understands what it means to create a seat at the table. In this must read personal memoir, “The Bomb Life”, she authentically shares her journey to success with outright boldness and transparency.  From struggles with  building a career in the fashion industry, bad relationships,  financial struggles and so much more! Claire truly understands the meaning of ” grind and hustle” your way to the top. In the book she doesn’t leave readers hanging onto her personal woes, but provides guidance to aspiring bloggers and digital influencers on how to monetize their brands. 

The Bomb Life Take-Aways:

  1. Do not allow “No” to keep you from pursuing your dreams
  2. To reach a certain level of success you must, step outside of your comfort zone
  3. Know when to walk away from any relationship that does not add value to your life
  4. Building a successful brand takes hard work, dedication and commitment.
  5. Follow your heart even when no one else agrees
  6. Never allow anyone to devalue your self-worth. It’s ok to be You!
  7. Image is Everything
  8. Network! Network! Network!!!

Not only is Claire a woman who OWNS Excellence, she is a graduate from Harvard University who majored in French and African American Studies. Claire is ultimately living the Bomb Life!

Check out Claires Book Promo Trailer here: The Bomb Life Book Promo

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