How to Land Your Dream Job..In Style!

Congratulations, you have landed an interview with your dream job! You are one step closer to signing your name on the dotted line of an offer letter. Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

But wait a Minute! You have only one week to prepare for the interview. The first question pops up in your mind “What am I going to wear?” On top of the anxiety of getting through the interview and landing the job, picking out the right attire adds more fuel to the fire.

Believe it or not, presentation is everything. Interviewers will mostly remember what you wore to your interview more than how you answered the behavioral questions. Along with your experience and education, professional appearance is highly important. It shows respect and that you have a vested interest in the company, interview panel and the company culture.

Let’s not have a Devil Wears Prada moment when Andrea stepped into Miranda’s office desperately seeking a job. If you have seen the movie, Miranda’s face is worth 1,000 words. Clearly Andreas wool coat and homely-looking sweater was not Miranda’s sense of style. Unfortunately, your choice of interview attire will determine how serious you appear to be about getting the job. Not only should you focus on answering each question but also dress to impress! Although Andrea landed the job, Miranda’s high-class environment inspired her to “Fit In” by changing her style of dress.

So here are a few what to wear interview tips:

Conservative Look: If you are interviewing for a corporate or professional job, always go for the two piece black, gray or navy suit. A nice suit accompanied with a white or light colored blouse or cotton shirt will look like you mean business. Women stand out in black suits with light blouse and simple accessories. Let’s not forget a nice pair of clean, polished mid-heel, closed-toe pumps. Stay clear of flats or sandals.

Black suit

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Business Casual: As a HR Professional, I have personally seen this style of dress taken way out of context. Business casual does not mean sloppy or unkempt. It pretty much means you have little more freedom to look stylish without being too conservative or stuffy. In most information tech, sales, retail, engineering or real estate industries, casual work environment is the company culture. A nice pair of dress slacks, dressy blouse, pencil skirt or nice cardigan should be the top choices. In the business casual environment a cute pair of ballerina flats are permitted. (#WOEApproved)

Blue suit

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Creative/Fashion: Now onto the fun part, the “creative.” What can someone in the creative industry wear to a job interview? Most creative jobs are fun, cool and out of the box. However, you still want to ensure you dress appropriately. Of course you will not wear the navy blue suit and white blouse. In the creative environment, you have the opportunity to play with colors and patterns without feeling out of place. For example: Patterned suit with a solid color blouse. Don’t go crazy with patterns, try to stick with stripes or subtle patterns to avoid making the interviewer spin in circles.

style pantry
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