Being Frugal Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be Cheap

We all would like to plan the dream date and treat our special boyfriend or girlfriend to all kinds of exotic foods and exciting entertainment. Unfortunately, unless you have a substantial income, you must resort to being resourceful and think outside the sometimes- stereotyped-dating-box.


There’s a fine line between being creative and coming across as a cheap tightwad. The last thing you want to do is give the impression that your date is not worth the money you spend. Some significant others may expect you to pay the big bucks. So, it would be good to discover this early on.


Here are a few tips to help you remain frugal without being cheap:


  1. Plan dates with variety. If you consistently choose cheap dates, you will fall in the “cheap” category. One way to avoid this category is to strategically alternate between thrifty and elaborate dates. Preparation and research will go a long way in this area of your relationship.


  1. Keep them guessing. Start off with a couple of inexpensive but fun dates to get to know each other. Then, blow her socks off with a night on the town and drop a few extra well-placed bucks. Just be careful it is her socks you blow off and not your entire weekly dating budget.


  1. Take a hike or a bike. What a great way to be together and have an opportunity for conversation. Walking through a botanical garden or arboretum can be quite romantic.

It can also be free but not perceived as cheap. Same thing with a bike ride. Don’t go on a biking marathon or race. Just a leisurely peddle through the park will do. At the end of the walk or ride enjoy refreshments and let the bonding continue!


  1. Attend a sporting event. Sporting events are always a fun way to let your hair down and release your inhibitions without feeling like a nut. Major league sports can be pricey but check out athletic events on the college and local level. One of you might have brothers or sisters playing on the little league teams and showing family support is an excellent way to win a few points. Popcorn and peanuts for munchies will not strain the budget either.


  1. Be social. Try attending a friend’s house party. Surely one of you has a friend or family member who’s throwing a get together. This is a good way to meet the other’s friends or family in a less intimidating setting. Probably everything will be provided but don’t go empty handed. Be the gracious guest and spring for a bottle of wine or whatever is appropriate.


  1. Research the bar scene. If you feel taking your date out for a drink is in order and you dread paying for expensive fancy drinks, check out the restaurants that offer happy hour drinks and free snacks. You can do this by scanning the newspaper or local “on the town” magazines.


When in doubt, call the bar and ask what they are offering. Even if the happy hour drinks stretch into the regular price drinks, you are at least off to a good money-saving start.


Fun dating does not have to be expensive. You should not have to spend much money to enjoy each other’s company.


Cozette White is the CEO and founder of My Financial Home Enterprises, a nationwide a wealth management firm helping entrepreneurs and organizations develop solutions that fuel business growth and transform products into EXCERLATING PROFITS. Cozette has been coined “The Money Coach” as a result of her unparalleled ability to empower not only people but businesses also, to learn to ditch the debt and develop a plan to create the kind of wealth that leaves a secure financial legacy.   She takes negative money stories and transforms them from limited beliefs to the sky’s the limit!

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