Dating.. Are Boundaries Really Necessary?

It’s no secret ladies.  The beginning of a new friendship with great relationship potential feels like the long-awaited perfect Sunday.  You know the Sunday without any appointments. Everything flows.  Conversations are easy and receiving those sweet-nothing texts boosts your confidence to the highest ‘get in formation’ levels. You feel the energy of new life, sweet island mangos and free shoe shopping all at once.   

Then it happens.  Something triggers you to pour your entire soul into this new person all without any regard for yourself, your responsibilities or your loved ones.  Your gym appointments go lacking, personal quiet time decreases and all you seem to focus on is could he be ‘THE ONE’.

Boundaries.  Yeah those little things.  It’s not a dirty word ladies. Say it with me—BOUNDARIES.  We rarely think about them as women anyway because we believe we can do it all, have it all and run the world without taking any breaks.  This thinking exponentially multiples when we meet someone new.  Not only is this unhealthy, it’s premature and gives you a false sense of belonging.  Getting to know someone is not a relationship. You’re simply dating and exploring the possibilities.

Here are eight key areas you need to establish personal boundaries in when it comes to dating and a potential relationship.

1) BODY  – Your body is not a free-for-all, test drive, or place holder.  It is your temple and personal safe space. Guard it with your life.

2) TIME  –  Outside of your health, this is your most valuable commodity. Do not share it aimlessly. Assign a purpose to your time and reserve some for yourself. You can’t be your best to anyone if you’re all over the place.
3) SPACE – Discern who enters your space. Everyone does not belong.

4) RESOURCES – Be wise with sharing your resources—home, money, affiliations; all of it. Some people only need you to get to their next level. 

5) FAITH – Connect with like-minded believers who enhance your faith and support your growth.

6) HEART – This is where all of your life issues and innermost treasures reside.  Guard it with all diligence.

7) MIND – Most of your energy whether positive or negative develops in the mind and transfers into everything you do.  Discern the energy that people transmit and the words they speak. These things will linger in your mind.

8) PURPOSE – This is the core of who you are.  When you disregard the previous seven boundaries, your purpose automatically goes uncovered and lacking.

Boundaries are not set to keep you FROM THE GOOD ladies. They are set to ensure you’re available FOR THE GOOD that comes your way. 

Hugs and happy-healthy loving!

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Dating.. Are Boundaries Really Necessary?

It’s no secret ladies.  The beginning of a new friendship with great...
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