Clean Beauty and What It Can Do For You

Healthy living is gaining traction these days and though many women are becoming increasingly concerned about what goes into their bodies, not as many are focusing on what’s being put onto their skin. Beauty products are not approved by the FDA, leaving whatever a product is made up to their disposal. Though given this freedom allows for more creativity when it comes to beauty, unfortunately, many manufacturers do not keep safety in mind.

Paraben, petroleum, EDTA and other harmful chemicals easily absorb through the skin, which have capacity to mimic hormones such as estrogen and can even lead to cancer, depression and other illnesses. Additional symptoms can also include disabilities and infertility.

Why Clean Beauty?

The rise of clean beauty has given way for healing and gentler beauty regimens, which not only alleviate common beauty woes but also creates simplistic ways to look and feel more radiant without unnecessary ingredients. Clean beauty is all about looking to nature to enhancing your natural beauty. Clean beauty brands, such as BLAC Minerals and Alima Pure, offer an array of shades for women of color.

Simple ingredients can also be found in your own kitchen, which can be blended to make your own natural creations. Many women are concerned about the efficacy of natural brands, but there are so many choices these days that can be found at your local health food store or online, which won’t break the bank.

The Benefits of Going Clean

Your skin absorbs about 60% of what you put on it. By using natural ingredients you will enable more glowing, elastic, less sensitive skin, along with less inflammation, less breakouts and a cocktail of skin-loving benefits from antioxidant-rich sources.

Most skin care is composed of water, which your skin needs, but water found in most face washes and lotions all require preservatives and binding agents. Instead, opt for plant-based ingredients, such as borage, jojoba, apricot, rosehip, coconut and shea butter to reap the nutritive benefits.

Ingredients to Avoid

A product might smell great and may even be a bargain, but what are you actually gaining? Typical ingredients found in most skin care either does nothing at all or does more harm than good. Avoid these culprits and many others when making your purchases.

• Alcohol/Isopropyl- Found in shampoos, anti-bacterial washes, as well as antifreeze. May promote premature aging and a brown spot accelerant.

• DMDM Hyantion/Urea – Releases formaldehyde, which may also cause joint pain, headaches, depression. May also causes weakened immune system.

• Synthetic Fragrance¬ – Can cause irritation rashes, allergies, dizziness.

• Propylene Glycol – Weakens cellular and protein structure. Can penetrate the skin and cause brain, kidney and liver abnormalities.

• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Laureth Sulfate – Detergents and surfactants that breaks down proteins found in the body and can cause cancer.

Clean beauty doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be crunchy. Try making small tweaks to your everyday self care to feel lovely inside and out.

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