5 Signs You Are Delaying Your Blessings

As millennials sometimes we unintentionally stand in our own way. We seek to live in the moment and follow our hearts instead of walking in our purpose. To seek comfort, we then turn around and blame God for not showing up when we needed him. It seems like we only want God to intervene when we’re in trouble. Here are a few ways we hinder our progress and delay our blessings.

1. Not having enough faith.
When it comes to faith, there are two kinds of people in world. There are those who possess unshakable faith and have the ability to walk through a situation and still believe God is in control. There are also people with strong faith that know the power of God through personal experience. Still, they waver from time to time. Finally, there are those who lack faith completely, unconvinced of God’s power and caring heart for them. Faith requires believing and without it, you’ll succumb to all of the hindrances and challenges that come as a result of living life on earth.

2. Fear of failing.
Due to the lack of trust in God, many suffer from fear of something. We have to walk in the boldness and authority God gave us and cancel out the fear that holds us back from fulfilling our purpose and receiving our blessings. Fear is the enemy’s way of holding our blessings hostage. Whether it is the fear of failure, fear of people, or any other fear, know that it is all about the mindset. When you shift your mind to focus solely on God, all fear diminishes and you’re able to operate with confidence and courage.
Fear can hold you hostage spiritually, physically and mentally. It is toxic and by letting fear rule your life you cheat yourself out of being the best version of yourself. Faith drives out fear. The closer you draw nearer to God the less fearful you become. Surrendering your mind and heart fully to God is truly the cure for fear.

3. Comparing yourself to others.
Comparison is the thief of joy. We live in a society where social media has replaced what used to be human face-to-face interactions. As a result, people tend portray lavish, over exaggerated lifestyles on social media. Not many people show their true lives on social media. Consequently, others tend to compare themselves to what they see on FB or IG.
When we are not content with our lives, we can sometimes be quick to compare ourselves to others or those on social media, which can cause feelings of inadequacy. Comparison is the easiest way to downplay your current blessings. The cure to comparison is contentment and finding your identity in Christ and knowing that He has special plans for you. As long as you’re aligned with God, your life will be full of blessings.

4. Living in the past & not healing from past emotions.
Living in the past is a sure way to delay your blessings. Some things are hard to let go, but keep in mind those experiences are meant to teach us lessons to use in the present and future. Sometimes we hinder ourselves by holding on to people, pain, failure and bad decisions—all of which prevent us from receiving our blessings. If you keep re-living these emotions and don’t confront them, you’ll never heal from the past. This creates emotional baggage which carries over a lifetime—so dealing with the past is imperative.

5. Waiting for the “right time.”
We must realize that there is no “right time” to do anything in life. There is only “now.” Waiting around for “the perfect time” is usually a waste of precious time. Sometimes we get confirmations from God, yet we fail to move when He says “go.” We convince ourselves we need further confirmation in order to act, so we sit around because we’re too afraid to step out of our comfort-zone.

The time to follow your dreams is now. No one can do it for you! The more you procrastinate, the longer your blessing may take to materialize. Sometimes we hold onto ideas God has given us because we don’t think we’re capable of carrying out the vision. Many of the people God used in the Bible such as Abraham, David and Moses did not think they were ready for their assignment.

However, the one key ingredient that caused them to move forward and excel was: TRUST. They trusted God. Some weren’t even qualified for the job but God qualified them!

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5 Signs You Are Delaying Your Blessings

As millennials sometimes we unintentionally stand in our own way. We seek...
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