2017 Spring/Summer Beauty Trends to Try

Some beauty trends come and go like matte lips and thinly arched eyebrows, while some beauty tricks are here to stay like a beautiful red lipstick or the perfect cat-eye. However, as we all know, each year, there is a new product or trick that takes over the Internet and beauty counters, promising to deliver the next best thing or transform your skin.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best and trendiest beauty ideas and products that you might want to consider (or not) before the year’s end. While some are a bit permanent, others may become a classic in your beauty regimen.

Almond Nails

almond nails

Unlike the sharp, talon nails of yesteryear, almond nails are hitting the scene with a softer alternative. Paired with geometric, pastel or bejeweled designs, almond-shaped nails are a beautiful update that will not only up the ante on your personal style but will also be the conversation piece during those backyard barbeques.

Mauve Lipstick

mauve lips

If you’re not too keen on pinks this spring, then mauve is the next best alternative. Lighter than its autumn counterparts, such as boysenberry, mauve offers a delightfully fresh take on the purple hue. This spring and summer, opt for a deep or light mauve lip color to fit your complexion for a pop of subtle color.

Natural Brows

natural brow

Forgo the Kardashian brows this year and opt for something more subtle. This year brows get a natural makeover, which means no more faux, over stenciled looks. Instead it’s all about mildy wild laissez-faire brows. Instead of tweezing, use a bit of brow gel, a brush to sweep hairs into place, filling in any gaps for the ideal look. Be sure to use a brow pencil that follows your own natural brow color as you avoid looking too harsh.

Freckle Tattoos

freckle tatoos

Coveted freckles are growing in the beauty world. So much so, that some are even them permanently tattooed on. That’s right! Freckles are the beauty trend de jour for those who opt to look sun kissed but can’t quite produce pigmented spots on their own. Freckles have become the new beauty marks, in which tattoo artists strategically place dots along the face. The tattoos fade over time, which lends to a more natural look, so if you have natural freckles, this is all the more reason to love your skin even more.

At-Home Treatments

at home treatments

As technology gets more advanced, skin care becomes more accessible for those who’d rather opt-out of going to the dermatologist office. Devices, such as laser hair removers, light therapy treatments and infusers are all the rage this year. These devices can be pricey but can offer more at-home treatments for those who don’t have the money to shell out at expensive spas and doctor’s offices. The treatments can range from about $35-$300 for these home staples and is a great way to ensure that your skin is getting what it needs.

Silicon Makeup Sponges

It’s time to ditch those old, porous sponges of yesteryear and hop on the silicon sponge train. What are they? They are new and improved makeup sponges designed for foundation and blush application. Here’s the best part- because they are non-porous, they won’t soak up a thing, which means you won’t waste any makeup. They are also less prone to becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and are reusable. They are the holy grail of makeup application these days and are not very pricey, averaging at about $9 a pop.

Charcoal Masks

charcoal mask

You may have notice women sporting ominous-looking masks across the web these days. No fear, they’re just the latest beauty craze known as charcoal masks! These masks are great for sucking up excessive oil in the skin, as well as soothing irritations, acne and minimizing pores and blackheads. Charcoal is renown in the health and beauty realm for it’s detoxifying properties so skin care specialists and companies are now singing it’s praises in the form of a beauty mask.

Beauty trends are ever-changing, especially in today’s fast paced world. Yet, that’s what makes it so much fun! Whether your style is classic or if you’re constantly hopping on the latest beauty movement, it’s always a good idea to try something new with your look, from time to time. Make 2017 the year you dare to be bold in excellence!

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